Glossary beginning with C



the proven ability to use knowledge, personal, social and/or methodological abilities in work or study situations and in professional and personal development. In the European Qualifications Framework, competence is described in terms of the assumption of responsibility and autonomy

competent institution

an institution which is competent, according to the rules and practices of participating states, to design, award and/or recognise qualifications, or units of qualifications in addition to any other ECVET-related issues such as the distribution of credit points or the assessment, validation and recognition of learning outcomes

credit accumulation

process via which learners can progressively acquire qualifications, or units of qualifications, through the successive assessment and achievement of learning outcomes

credit for learning outcomes (credits)

learning outcomes which have been assessed and which can be accumulated towards a qualification or transferred to other learning programmes or qualifications

credit transfer

process through which learning outcomes achieved in one context can be transferred to, and used in, another learning context; credit transfer relies on the processes of assessment, validation and recognition