Sign Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement (LA) defines and describes the conditions for the mobility of an individual learner. The LA is agreed between, and signed by, the sending and host organisations and the mobile learner.


Whilst the Memorandum of Understanding provides an overview of the units of learning outcomes being targeted and sets general conditions for recognising learning outcomes, the LA provides more detailed information on learning goals and content for an individual learner.


Prior to signing the LA, the sending organisation should discuss all aspects of the planned mobility period with the learner.


Specifically, the LA should provide information on:


  • involved parties: namely VET providers in the home and host country (as well as any intermediary organisations) and the individual learner.
  • duration: of the mobility period.
  • current qualification or study programmes: confirming the level of progress thus far.
  • targeted learning outcomes: specifically those being targeted during a period of geographical mobility - in some cases, mobility goals will not not extend to a full unit with only certain learning outcomes being targeted, with a need for the LA to be explicit in such cases.
  • assessment procedures: criteria, indicators and methods.
  • documentation, tools and mechanisms: specifically those able to formally relate learning outcomes achieved and assessed during a period of geographical mobility
  • validation and recognition mechanisms: goals, actions and key actors.

common LA Template is provided under Tools. Also, under Examples, a number of completed LA documents can be accessed.