Provide Learning Activities

In line with the information provided in the Memorandum of Understanding and the Learning Agreement, learners acquire related knowledge, skills and competence during their stay abroad.


Regardless of whether learners are hosted in a VET institution or a company - or both - the activities that learners participate in must enable them to acquire the targeted learning outcomes.


Activities will not usually be limited, however, to those learning outcomes defined in the Learning Agreement as learners might participate in other activities that go beyond the agreed (or targeted) learning outcomes. This is usually the case, for example, when the host organisation is a company and the learning abroad takes place in a real workplace environment. However, it is also important that the learner has sufficient opportunities to progress in the knowledge, skills and competence that the mobility period is specifically targeting.


For this to happen, it is important that all involved partners are aware of their roles and tasks as well as those aspects of the learning process abroad that are relevant to their input. The Learning Agreement, and the description of units or groups of learning outcomes contained therein, is the guiding document for all parties: teachers, trainers, workplace mentors, host organisations and individual learners.