Document Assessment Results - Personal Transcript

During or at the end of a period of mobility, achieved and assessed learning outcomes must be confirmed by the assessor in the host institution.

Assessment practices (including those tied to the documentation of assessment results) should reflect those described in the Memorandum of Understanding and Learning Agreement.



Where possible, an individual assessor should:


  • provide a description of the strong and weak points of an individual learner's performance with regard to a set task or tasks - using the description of targeted learning outcomes as a basis.
  • complete an assessment grid in which there are set criteria against which learner performance can be judged.
  • confirm whether an individual learner has passed their assessment (or not) also advising of the grade achieved, where a grading system is in use.

Documentation should also be provided on any differences between targeted and achieved learning outcomes and/or any changes to the agreed assessment procedures.


At the end of the mobility period, all related documentation is either handed over to the individual learner or sent directly to the home institution.


In many cases, assessment results and related documentation will be used to inform the process of developing a Personal Transcript in which the learning and skills acquired during a (short or long-duration) mobility period are presented for an individual learner.